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American Arbor Tree Service has been serving all of San Diego County since march of 1993. We are based in Carlsbad, CA providing Tree Services to most areas in San Diego county and North San Diego County. We perform all of our Tree Services in a courteous, professional manner and do an immaculate clean up. The only evidence that we were on your property is the trees are trimmed to their aesthetic best and not from broken plants, fences, structural damage of any sort. These methods take our employees extra time to give you the very best tree care in the county. We strive to give the best value for the investment in tree care.

We are Arborists of distinction that serve our customers with . . .

* Quality tree trimming, following International Society of Arborculturists standards

* Tree and shrub removal

* Stump grinding, up to complete root extraction

* Fire abatement including brush clearing and lot clean up

* Root abatement and pruning. In most cases, we can level sidewalks without
demo and re pouring new cement which can be expensive, giving our customers
an alternative to bumpy and libelous walkways.

* Spraying and treatment of diseases in trees and shrubbery.

* Fence line clearing and view enhancement.

* Onsite brush chipping

* Planting new tree and shrub stock. We help you in your selection of new stock
that will be the best for your site, custom tailoring to your needs.

* Deep root fertilization, and annual fertilization programs available

* Fruit tree pruning and orchard care * Cabling * Mulching * Transplanting trees and shrubs

* Palm tree trimming and care including the very sensitive Phoenix Canariansis. These specimens are susceptible to the Wilt Fuserium spore that is fatal to this beautiful tree. We take the necessary measures to ensure that our care will not infect these expensive trees. If you have a Gardner or non professional tend to your Canariansis, you stand to loose your expensive investment as this spoor is fatal and non reversible once infected.

We hoping you allow us to earn your business. Once you do, you will have us return again and again for your maintenance needs. Your happiness and confidence in our company is paramount to us. We are not finished with a job till we see you completely satisfied.

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Tree Service Tree Trimming Experts, Tree Shaping, Tree Health and Care Specialists including fungas and spore control.

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